GODS Weekend 2016



Dance with the GODS

2016 Contra Dance Weekend

February 26-28, 2016

Music by Nightwatch and Notorious

Callers Will Mentor and Angela DeCarlis.

Why dance with mortals when you can Dance with the GODS! The Gainesville Oldtime Dance Society is hosting our annual weekend of contra dance with a focus on HOT bands and COOL callers.

Featuring the Celestial presence of NIGHTWATCH (Owen Morrison, Sarah Blair, Jeremiah McLane) and NOTORIOUS Eden MacAdam Somer, Larry Unger, Sam Bartlett). The heavenly voices of WILL MENTOR and ANGELA DECARLIS will be calling the dances.

Leave the cold and the winter weather behind, and plan your early Spring Break to include warm sunshine and our immortal dance weekend, February 26-28, 2016.

Special concert at the Historic Thomas Center on Thursday evening, February 25th 2016:

NOTORIOUS FOLK in concert! “Through Many a Land”

Lauded as "sparkling" and "exhilarating” Notorious present a thrilling musical experience in genres that span many continents. Their music lights up the hall with rhythm and sonority. Their performances are always new and exciting, featuring traditional American, Celtic, and Eastern-European tunes and songs, swing, blues, classical music and the group’s original compositions.

Open seating. Concert begins at 7 pm. Doors open at 6 pm. BYOB

• Eden MacAdam-Somer – Voice and Violin
• Sam Bartlett – Mandolin
• Larry Unger – Guitar and Banjo

Open to the public. Admission: $15
[Note that this event is NOT included in the package price for the GODS contra weekend.]

Schedule for Dancing With The Gods 2016

This dance is not gender-balanced. All your partners will be heavenly!

Registration and FAQ's page for: Dancing with the GODS Weekend 2016

Need financial assistance to attend Dance with the GODS?

The generosity of dancers has provided a limited number of “sponsorship's” for dancers who otherwise would not be able to attend the weekend. Both partial/full registration fee and some travel funding is available. You can request sponsorship funding for yourself, or you can nominate another dancer (but please make sure they are available and want to come!). Deadline for applying is December 15 and funds and applicants will be notified by Dec 30 of the amount of sponsorship we are able to grant. This sponsorship does not require any work-time exchange, but we do ask that sponsorship recipients attend and participate fully. Check here for registration form after September 20.

Night Watch plays for Asheville contra dance

Notorious plays May Madness, Arizona

Will Mentor calling with Perpetual e-Motion at Glen Echo

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