Dec 17: Wind That Shakes The Barley & Rona Wiener

Autumn winds a-blowin thru the fields unleash rhythm with melodies that follow in natural harmony. Echoing, amplifying and multiplying nature's cadence, 'Wind That Shakes The Barley' will enchant dancers this December dance.

'Wind That Shakes the Barley' is:
• Sarah Mitchell - penny whistle, flute, drum, foot percussion, hammered dulcimer;
• Kathie Aagaard - fiddle;
• Bill Dudley - guitar; and
• John McEwen - percussion, Irish banjo, tenor guitar

Dec 4: Yazoo Kickstarts & Gary Arthur

Dec 4: Yazoo Kickstarts & Gary Arthur

The Yazoo Kickstarts are back for a return engagement with caller Gary Arthur! So get ready to kick up your heels this Sunday 4-7 pm--and don't forget that this dance is at the Martin Luther King Center (a.k.a. MLK Rec Center).

The Yazoo Kickstarts are:
• Mike Stapleton on fiddle;
• Bill Paine - mandolin & guitar;
• Marietta Massey - banjo; and
• David Massey - fiddle & piano.
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Nov 19: The Stepping Stones & Vicki Morrison

Stepping Stones, a husband-and-wife team, are coming up from Melbourne to play their own distinctive contra melodies for our dancing pleasure.

With a lot of spring in her step, Vicki Morrison calls for us in her continued work for World Peace through contra dance.

The Stepping Stones are:
* Robin Osgood on fiddle; and
* Norman Rodham on guitar.

Nov 6th: The MacRowdies & John Rogers

MacRowdies & John Rogers

John Rogers will be calling the contra dances to the music of North Carolina-based The MacRowdies on Sunday.

The MacRowdies are:
• Mara Shea on fiddle
• Pete Campbell on keyboard

Oct 29-30th: ContraForce & Emily Abel

ContraForce & Emily Abel

Halloween Contra Mini-Weekend October 29-30, 2016
3 Contra Dances!

Music: ContraForce are:
* Andrae Raffield, fiddle
* Jimi Periano, guitar
* Joey Dorwart, percussion, saxophone

Caller: Emily Abel (of North Carolina)

ContraForce, one of the hottest, most dynamic contra dance bands in the country! Contraforce pushes the envelope of traditional contra music and lifts dancers’ feet into the ozone, satisfying their taste in epic Millennium Trance Dance tune-age. Calling will be the energetic and charismatic Emily Abel!